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About Us

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum

Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), founded in 2014 by Simba Events, has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia Pacific. Our aim is to communicate the most advanced technology, ideas and business experience, helping the industry leaders to become better decision-makers so that there will be a brighter future for us all. More than 1000 food companies and 4438 individuals joined us in 2019’s 6th FBIF. In 2020, brands owners are expected to account for 60% of a total 6,000 attendees and visitors.??

Launched by FBIF in 2017, ‘Wow Food Awards’ (formerly Hello Foods Prize) is a creative product tasting and evaluation competition in the F&B industry. The competition gathers dozens of senior experts in product development and market research to taste and comment on hundreds of entries from a holistic perspective. The innovation behind each product development is reviewed in detail. The purpose of the competition is to gather the innovators in F&B industry to jointly discover, display, publicize and evaluate the most innovative products to contribute to culture of innovation and industry reform.

Wow Food Awards 2019 received 151 entries from nearly 100 companies. The entries have differentiated merits in the taste, packaging and product concept. After the judges' on-site tasting and in-depth understanding of the product concepts, 18 entries with excellent comprehensive performance were selected to win.

With the increasing influence and credibility of Wow Food Awards in the domestic food and beverage industry, ‘Wow Food Awards’ 2020 has been upgraded to a fully global competition. We will gather domestic and foreign experts to evaluate innovative products from all over the world, which is bound to be a fantastic innovation feast!

Initiated by FBIF, ‘Marking Awards’ is a global food and beverage packaging design contest established in Shanghai since 2016 while targets the global. In a forum platform where attracts worldwide attention, Marking Awards was born to discover and praise brilliant F&B package designs, and encourage communication between local and global design power. In doing so, the awards committee aims to speed up F&B brands’ packaging innovation, package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards, thus finally all the stakeholders can build a creative packaging ecosystem together.

‘Marking Awards’ 2019 received more than 500 design entries from 200 global brand owners, design agencies and packaging companies. After the evaluation by 24 international juries, half are senior executives of packaging design departments from global top 100 F&B companies and half are founders and creative directors from world-class design agencies, 37 entries from 33 entrants were prize-winners showing the high standards in place.

Marking Awards 2020 accepts four entry categories - label design, structure design, product design, brand full case design. Welcome brand owners, design agencies, packaging companies and advertising companies to join us, together witnessing design power towards brands!?

Foodtalks is a salon project incubated by FBIF, including online salons and offline salons.

Foodtalks offline salon started in October 2018. Compared with the FBIF - Food and Beverage Innovation Forum, it is more “short, flat, and fast”with topics covering product innovation, marketing, and packaging design. The variety of salons and the nature of free communication have been well received by professionals in the food and beverage industry.

Foodtalks Online Salon is an online business service event. Compared to traditional offline events, Foodtalks Online live broadcasts are more efficient and can reach about 100 times the number of single offline salons; the fun and convenience of live broadcasts has won the audience ’s favor.

FoodTalks(www.foodtalks.cn), launched at the end of 2019, is a food media website under FBIF, dedicated to providing premium information services through insightful content and industry resources integration. FoodTalks keeps a close eye on the latest news in the food and beverage industry. It provides innovation analysis, in-depth features, news, supply and demand information (WeFood), reports and information of events organized by FBIF. We believe the strong power of media in pushing the F&B industry forward!

Founded by FBIF since July 2019, Vfood is the venture unit of FBIF. With networks and industrial resources of FBIF platform, we partner with F&B startups to support their growth. Vfood is dedicated to creating an ecosystem to help F&B entrepreneurs become more efficient. Vfood focuses on F&B startups in the early stages, including Seed, Angel, and Series Pre-A Funding Rounds. We provide services including Salons and Training, Incubation Service and FA Service. Vfood has already hosted several salons, and helped multiple startups to establish connections with our partners and to raise money.?
Vfood will always be in close contact with start-ups, investment institutions and industrial participators. Vfood is actively anticipating to explore various forms of cooperation opportunities.

FBIF WeChat Subscription Account


FBIF New Media, a food & beverage innovation subscription, is focusing on food and beverage industry, aiming to be “deep, innovative and prospective” and engaged in pushing forward the progress of Chinese food industry by analyzing and sharing global innovation cases. The operation of FBIF WeChat Official Account started in Feb, 2017. With help of the influence of high-end conferences, FBIF WeChat Official Account has attracted attention of senior executives from food& beverage companies at home and abroad since operated, including Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Mondelēz, Yili, Mengniu, Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, Uni-President and so on.

The subscribers of FBIF WeChat Official Account has reached to 120,000 by the beginning of April, 2019. As its appeal is broadening, the subscription becomes one of the most concerned new media of food industry. Since its operation, FBIF WeChat Official Account has published 630 original articles, among which the most popular article got click for 60 thousand times. Apart from WeChat Official Account, FBIF also entered into other media platform including Yidianzixun, NetEase, Baijiahao, Jinritoutiao, Weibo, LinkedIn, Jiemian, Xueqiu, Zhihu and so on.

In addition to FBIF Subscription(WeChat ID: FoodInnovation), FBIF also established many series of WeChat groups. By June 2019, there are 96 food & beverage industry groups, 11 college groups, 363 industry report groups and 29 food venture capital investing groups, covering 70,000+ people.

FBIF WeChat Groups believes in “spreading valuable content, serving customers, and no nonversations.” We set strict regulations and entry requirements to guarantee that only useful information is shared with group members. Thanks to these, FBIF WeChat Groups developed rapidly with the WOM marketing and the influence of FBIF Subscription. We have witnessed lots of inspiring conversations across different business industries. Eventually, FBIF WeChat Groups gathers many professionals especially in food & beverage industries worldwide, aiming to serve as a platform for building connections and sharing information.?

Best Consultant's business includes four aspects: training, qualitative evaluation, consulting report and brand project.?Based on the food and beverage industry, Best Consultant offers a full range of courses. Our training is in forms of theme training, internal enterprise training, industrial tourism and includes courses in many directions, such as product innovation, packaging innovation, marketing and brand, supply chain, food safety, manufacturing, regulation, integrated management and so on. Best Consultant has a large number of senior consultants with rich experience in the food industry. These consultants, who are the speakers of FBIF, are management of global leading food companies or the authoritative experts in one area of food industry.?
FBIF always shares the leading edge insight, and certainly the Best Consultant will be the best tool to launch these innovation ideas into application!?


Simba Events

Founded in Shanghai in 2013, Simba Events is a is a market research, consulting, conference and media company focusing on Food & Beverage industry. Apart from the forum, we offer a wide range of product portfolio including awards, media, WeChat groups and training, etc. Simba believes the value of the forum lies in initiating ideas and innovations, and pushing the industry forward. Now our businesses include: FBIF (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum) – well known as the “Davos” in the F&B industry; Marking Awards - Global F&B Package Design Award; Hello Foods Prize - Global F&B Creative Product Tasting and Evaluation Competition; Simba Training – Tailored for eight directions in the F&B industry, including R&D, marketing, packaging etc.; WeChat Media Account (ID: FoodInnovation) - F&B Media Platform with 120,000 followers; WeChat Groups and so on.

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